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Playing Breaking Point with my boy C’s.  Dying a lot but having a ton of fun.  Thirsk Summer is currently my favorite map.   It’s small and the good loot places are static, so there’s always lots of action to get wrapped up in.  

Some of the fun things to do are:

  • Find some Hattori Hanzō blades.  
  • Tame the local wildlife.
  • 'Ducky' tours in amphibious vehicles.
  • Visit to Historic site where the walls were torn down.
  • Have an ‘artistic’ effigy burn.
  • Get a LEET score

Good Times!!

Finally got to see an Helicopter crash in real time.  As amazing as it was seeing it, I hoped the loot would be even better.  C’s and I ran there to find the crash.   I made it first and held the area down.  C’s engaged a threat on the road and met me there once it was eliminated.

While we were looting the crash site, the Vodnik and Vannad rolled up together.  C’s and I split, and since nobody jumped out and shot at us, or tried to run us down, I assumed the group (or at least the drivers) were outlaws.   

I managed to get a 5.57 suppressor and M249 SAW with a handful of mags.  Also had a surge kit on me and other assorted goodies.  Thinking I would hightail it to a safer area, I was crippled by the first shot of sniper fire near the Military Base.  I dove into a tree (as I was unable to run or move fast) but he still had the angle and two more shots in rapid succession finished me off.   Good score for that Ranger for sure!

And now I’m a new spawn, back on the coast.

Arena Commander Launched! - Roberts Space Industries

Roberts Space Industries is launching Arena Commander for Star Citizen!!

I’m super hype as this is the first spaceship flying combat we’ve seen.  I’ve not gotten it installed or to play it yet, but the trailer is a bit mind blowing.

I was expecting a generic box to fly around in, it seems there is some pretty amazing looking environments being leveraged.

Become a Star Citizen, Join the IEC, and Start Flying!

Humble Bundle: PC and Android 10

For $5, you get all the goods with this Humble Bundle.  I’ve been really enjoying Metal Slug 3.  Easy to get your money’s worth with this group.

You get downloads on most of the platforms.  Steam keys, android apps, DRM free installs.  (Check the fine print to be sure the one item you really want is for the platform you want it on).

I’ve installed all my games into my Steam library and also as android apps on my Shield.

Here’s what you get in the PC and Android 10 Humble Bundle:

  • Breach and Clear
  • Draw a Stickman: EPIC
  • Fieldrunners
  • Fieldrunners 2
  • Frozen Synapse
  • Galcon Legends
  • Galcon Fusion
  • Little Dew
  • Metal Slug 3
  • Skulls of the Shogun
  • Symphony

You also get soundtracks to these games.  I’m not big into soundtracks, so I dont take advantage of that, but it’s another nice bonus.

This bundle supports:

Electronic Frontier FoundationElectronic Frontier Foundation
Child's Play CharityChild’s Play Charity