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DayZ: Restaurateurs and Playing with Gasoline 

Playing on hardcore, I had some of the most gonzo things happen to date.

First I met a bunch of friendly people.  I got a high five.  Met some social dissidents.  Then we found an actual working restaurant.  We watched a man jump from a tower and live.  Then we blew up a gas station, which blew up over and over again.

There were some deaths.  There were some laughs.  Good times.

Full Gameplay:

The DayZ StandAlone Dev Roadmap


DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall spoke at EGX Rezzed where he went over the development roadmap for 2014.  When asked about when we will see the next update, Rocket said the Best Case is two weeks and End of April is the worst case.

The latest patch brought us all kind of goodies like really mean and fast zombies, tactical bacon in a can, better net code, and a backpack full of new weapons.  What’s next?  Click the link and find out.

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Joining the server, I found someone has put up shop next door to our base.  Doing a little recon, over hear their door passcode.

The place was never used to store anything of value, but access to the locked doors has come in handy.

Note:  Youtube enhanced the video gamma so you can see what is going on.

Check out the full gameplay on

Was going to check out people making a trade in Small Rad Town.  Found a large group of bandits who were out to do the same.  

Never give up because you never know what can happen.  We trade gear and end up with ours and theirs.  I had to log out due to real life commitments so we couldn’t go back to drive them away, but the gear is ours.

Full game play session on Twitch.

Spawned on a low pop server at the international airfield.  I planned to check for gear to bring to my friends on the coast and walk south.   On the way back in Vybor (I think), in a piano building, I see another player coming to do the same.  You never know where people are.

Situational awareness is important.  I try to follow the guy but end up loosing him.  Full video of gameplay on youtube.